15 July 2002

Lint-Free Belly Button Gazing

Subtitle: I join the ranks of the blogging hoards. Version .000001

di riguer disclaimer:

While peering existentially at my belly button and inviting others to look at my belly button too and marvel at how deep yet lint free it is, you might be subjected to the following:

*many blue streaks of cursing, swearing and salty remarks (in two languages!)
*frequent references to porn, sex, and my vibrator
*much misanthropy towards my fellow man
*my (grammtically wrong) fetish with partenthesis and elipses...
*ideas that might shock (!) and abhor (!) you
*my (secondary) fetish with those darn addictive emoticons ;-P
*have I mentioned my vibrator?
*sex, drugs, and rock n' roll
*misspelled words galore.
*brainfarts in English vocabulary replaced with Italian

In other words, if you are a minor (or still live with your parents), are easily offended, have no sense of humor, take PC to extremes that makes the Pope look like Sam Kineson, didn't really want to know *that* about me, or use AOL, bugger off. This will be the only profanity free entry.

The AOL thing is a joke, folks. Kill yourselves instead

Rather ugly right now(purple, ugh), but I'm working on a better design in my free time (read:when I'm bored). Slow, but it's free hosting. But it's my belly button, so, to be 100% honest, if I want your opinion, you can be sure I'll give it to you.

Be forwarned: if you send me email, i'll post it if I feel like it. Especially if it includes stuff along the lines of "OMG your such a *fill in epithet here* Y don't U get a life I'll pray for you're soul and that you may find Jesus..." Thanks, but if I want to find Jesus, I'll go to Mexico. You can't spit without hitting about 10 Jesuses there...(What is the plural of Jesus? Jesi?...)

Second forwarning: I wouldn't link anything for a while if I were you. For one, I have limited bandwidth. For two, I *will* be changing this site, which means there is 99.999% chance that any links you make to me will be FUBARed in short order.

Onto the madness...

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