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This blog was started back in July 2002. It started off on some free host that I don't even remember, and then at some point I migrated it over to Blogger. I've idly mused on moving it over to Tumblr where all the cool kids are playing now, but....meh. I'm Old Skool, beyotches. I'm still Old Skool, but you can now find the Fav Mondo Redux on Tumblr. The Redux will be for amuse-bouche type things, like dumb YouTube videos, pithy status-like tidbits, links, photos etc. The Original will remain primarily focused on the ongoing tales of My So Called Expat Life in Rome.

I've always been fairly slack at the whole blogging thing, as the archives will show. Posts became very sparse around the second half of 2007, followed by a few random blips in 2008. The next two years the blog lay completely fallow; 2009 I was metaphorically curled in a fetal position in the corner while Life, wearing a gnarly pair of steel toed boots, took more than a few good kicks at me and 2010 was the Year of Licking My Wounds.

So now it's 2011 and I've gotten a hair up my ass to restart my verbal burblings around these here parts, if only to try and clear the cobwebs from my brainpan. I have ambitions of slowly filling in some of the gaps, not only in the Fallow Years but fleshing out some missing puzzle pieces here & there. The inaugural post still holds fairly true, in as much as there shall be:
  • many blue streaks of cursing, swearing and salty remarks (in two languages!)
  • frequent references to porn, sex, and my vibrator
  • much misanthropy towards my fellow man
  • my (grammatically wrong) fetish with parenthesis and ellipses...
  • ideas that might shock (!) and abhor (!) you
  • my (secondary) fetish with those darn addictive emoticons ;-P
  • have I mentioned my vibrator?
  • sex, drugs, and rock n' roll
  • misspelled words galore (in two languages!)
  • brainfarts in English vocabulary replaced with Italian & vice versa

Favoloso Mondo was actually ganked wholesale, er, inspired by the Italian title for the film Amélie (Il Favoloso Mondco di Amélie), a cute quirky film that I do recommend you see. While the titular character is cute & quirky with her photo booth obsession, a recent viewing of the film has made me realise that I want to be a jet-setting garden gnome when I grow up.

Lint-Free Belly-Button Gazing was always rather tongue in cheek. Unlike my actual belly button, what navel gazing there is to be found around these here parts cannot be guaranteed 100% lint-free.

An American girl in Rome muses on her adopted hometown, her libido and her vibrator.
Glancing back through the archives, yeah, it's fair to say those are three of my favourite themes. Time will tell if said tagline will remain applicable in this new blog reboot.

I've always employed Descriptive Overly Capitalised Nicknames for everyone. I am also somewhat of a drama queen and thus make heavy use of hyperbole at times. Thus said, in the interest of covering my still perky ass:

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

<CarlySimon>You're so vain, You probably think Character Foo is about you.</CarlySimon> Character Foo is totally not you. Really. The similarities are pure fucking coincidence.

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