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N.B. (16 jan 2011): Formerly known as "The Cast of Characters", I'm moving this to a page of its own and will be updating slowly but surely.

For those just entering into the Resident Dictator's  follies and foibles in Rome, the nicknames can get confusing. So here I've put together a list of Nicknames (name linked to first blog mention) and  a brief description; later I might even add subsequent entries featuring these people.

Major Players
Recurring & important characters
  • Will (tag)
    The Patsy to my Edina, the Will to my Grace. He's the male version of me, only bitchier with a better wardrobe & a higher tolerance for alcohol.
  • Olive (tag)
    A whip smart, vivacious blond smart ass with some amazing boobs. Thanks to her Ukrainian heritage, she can also drink me under the motherfucking table. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Ma Liason  (tag)
    My current fling of a few months. Will and Olive are pretty insistent that I start using the (*shudder*) Boyfriend word, seeing as I've met some of his family & been to his Confirmation, amongst other details. Me, I'm just gonna take it one day at a time...*deeeeeeep panic attack inhibiting breaths*
  • Resident Dictator's Evil Henchwoman (tag)
    my (middle) little sister. Fuck with her at your own peril boys.
  • Larry (tag)
    part 1 of the Larry & Curly Dynamic Alcoholic Duo; former work colleagues and really good friends. Larry is was the bigger whore-boy of the two. Will not bloody shut up sometimes. Thought he had a chance at getting into my pants. Riiight.
  • Curly (tag)
    part 2 of the Dynamic Alcoholic Duo. Very very good friend. Likes grabbing my tits when drunk. Male partner in secondary virginity spells. Recently At one point out-studded Larry by ending his year-long secondary virgin status by boinking a (self-proclaimed) lesbian.
  • Enemy, Destroyer of Queens, Angel of Broken Hearts, Great Beast that is called Weasel, Prince of Thieving Bastards, Father of Liars, Spawn of Satan and Lord of Mindgames. Or Shithead for short (tag)
    Ex fiancé. Currently with privileges, subject to termination at any time. Ex-fiancé who I made the huge fucking mistake of giving a second chance. He became my fiancé again, and is now once again the Capital S Shithead Ex-fiancé. I would demote him to Semi-Major status, but in all honesty can't just yet, seeing as I 
    • will be filling in the pieces of 2009/2010 and
    • stupidly dated the fucking asshole for a total of 7 years (ugh. Love is apparently a deaf, dumb, and blind masochistic doormat.)
Semi-Minor Players
Demoted from Major Players
Minor Players
One offs & amusing antidotes

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