03 March 2011

Introducing #1: Will

The Patsy to my Edina, the Will to my Grace. 1

He's the male version of me, only bitchier with a better wardrobe & a higher tolerance for alcohol. He's mah homeboy *throws the Dolce & Gabbana gang sign*. I am unabashedly his Roman Hag.

Will & I met the summer of NRA II: RNRA via a mutual friend Jack 2, who was visiting Rome at the time. Jack was returning the next day to the USA, so we met up for dinner & he brought along Will, who would be in Rome for at least the next 2 years.

I knew I was going to get on well with Will when in the middle of dinner he blurts out "My life resembles a gay 70's porno."

His penchant for vodka, misanthropy & Ferragamo is only superseded by his huge heart, which he downplays using the aforementioned distractions. I've lost track of the times he has been there for me when having some meltdown du jour, either with a shoulder to bawl on or a much needed metaphorical slap upside the head. I'm ineffably fortunate to have met him.

Ok, enough maudlin PMSy sentimentalism. Willy, baby, I wuv you. To quote a closeted Scientologist in a well known role: You complete me. *makes squinty sucking-on-lemon pucker* You had me at "gay 70's porno."

In our next episode of Sesso e La Città Eterna: Will & I meet the Weremonkey of Prati.

1 Yes, I am as unoriginal as they come regarding the pseudonym. Also, we trade off on the Karen/Jack dichotomy as I have the boobs but am the one more likely to sprout *JAZZ HANDS* at random moments.
2 Not really that much like Jack, but I am keeping with the Will & Grace theme here. Also keeping with the unoriginality.

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