09 September 2002

What Part of "It's Over" Do You Not Fucking Understand?

A couple of my ex's just don't get the hint.

Che figura di merda. My cell phone rang with an unlisted number just now. As my cell phone is on it's last legs, sometimes distinguishing voices is not very easy (not that I've ever been that good at "Guess who this is" over the phone. As a group of us have plans tonight, I thought it was one of the guys. The one who took me to dinner at Castel Gandolfo, to be exact. So when the voice at the other end said, " Do you know who this is?" I said "Ciao *******". And we proceeded to chat for a minute. When he asked me if he could take me out to dinner, I said, sure, but aren't we going out to dinner tonight with everyone? "With who?" So I named the rest of the group. "Who do you think I am?" Uh, I did say "Ciao *******", no? "No this isn't *******, but my name is similar."

Shit. Rebound Boy Toy. Who, despite the fact that I dumped his ass over 10 months ago, occasionally calls asking me out. "So can I take you out to dinner?" Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. "Uh, we'll see." "Meaning no, correct? Too bad I'm not *******"

Well, if you're so goddamned bright as to figure that one out, why in the name of Jesus H. Christ do you continue to call asking to go out, knowing that I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU ANY LONGER. If I ever decide, perchance, that I'd like to date a guy who freaks out if I don't call him the minute I finish work and who checks my cell phone to see who I've called and who's called me, I'll let you know. Don't hold your breath. On second thought, hold your breath; maybe then you won't be able to call me.

I have a sneaking suspicion that when I said "Ciao *******", he decided to see what I would say. That's the kind of wankstain he is.

Another ex has given me similar problems (and ulcers). I tried every way possible to make this testa di cazzo understand that I wanted absolutely nothing, repeat NOTHING, to do with him ever again. I didn't want to be friends nor acquaintances. I tried expressing this in English, in Italian, nicely, politely, rudely, sarcastically, angrily, calmly, with many curse words, using the third person verb which indicates extreme courtesy, etc... Ignoring him and his calls and messages didn't work either. Finally, FINALLY, he has left me alone. It only took "Why don't you do the right thing for once and pretend that I am dead..." Silly me. And here I thought "Fuck off and die, cocksucker" was pretty clear.

Will somebody please answer this for me? When a relationship ends and the other person says "Don't ever call, mail, or message me again, both in this lifetime and the next." followed by "Fuck off and die, cocksucker." when you ignore the first directive, WHY IN GOD'S HOLY ASSHOLE DO YOU PERSIST? Either you are desperate for a booty call (which you *know* you ain't gettin' from me), delight in pissing me off, or are so fucking stupid that you don't understand your own mother tongue and don't understand that you aren't going to get a second (third, fourth, fifth.....) chance as my patience quotient regarding you is kaput. Mi stai rompendo il cazzo!


Okay, I'm calmer now. Just had to get that one off my chest. Tomorrow, I'll dish on Saturday's friendly game and some of the dumb footie player quotes that have been in the news lately.

Names have been asterisked to protect the Innocent.

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