10 March 2003

Like nails on a chalk board

My work involves a computer. It requires concentration, which is why I have been coming in late afternoon and working until the wee hours; coming in earlier will just result in me fucking up somthing easy when I get distracted by the 300 people traipsing through the office looking for my boss.

normally this works out great as the guy that works reception during those hours doesn't bother me and does his own thing surfing the internet. Then he goes home and I lock up when I get tired.

Tonight is proving to be annoying. There's a different guy here. Let's call him Overgrown Ren Fest Boy. That name alone should tell you why he's annoying. But it's not too bad when it's just him. The problem is that he's sitting at reception talking with two fellow Overgrown Ren Fest Geeks. Loudly. Dramtically. For the past two and a half hours.

Two and a half fucking hours of affected speech, 'obscurely witty' culture references (pop and otherwise), general looking down the nose at those not as 'intellectual and artistic' as them, Italian bashing*, and geek flirting (one of the other two is female).

This last bit is painful. We have two Overgrown Ren Fest Boys vying for the attentions of Overgrown Ren Fest Female. The geek mating call is embarassing to listen to. The earnest preening and displaying of quirky! yet sensitive! and artistic!, the self-satisfied "Aren't I clever yet vaguely tortured?" chuckle, the witty repartè and attempts at verbal oneupmanship.....

Any minute now I fully expect one of them to whip out a pair of ten sided dice and wink at ORF Female. "My charisma is...."

Shit. I just heard the shuffling of cards. Either they're about to play Magik the Gathering or someone's about to get their Tarot read.



In other news:


I've bought you and the twins a really nice Calvin Klien bra; what's your mailing addy again? ;-) Wuv you snookums. You need to get your ass over here so I can steal the nice digital camera from work and then post pictures here of The Lesbian Incentuous Twins (We're Not Twins!) Mad Hijinks in Roma.


*which I really fucking hate - you are living and working in this country fuckhead. if you don't like it, don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave

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