07 March 2003


I have changed my mind about the Pretzels for Peace idea. It's now Pretzels for Impeachment.

This, found via a very interesting Metafilter thread, turns my stomach. Literally.

How many more rights (human and Constitutional) will be trampled on in the name of "defeating terrorism and the Axis of Evil" until the people of the nation wake up and realise that the current administration is fucking us up the ass without lube (Insert your own "John Ashcroft is a huge fucking cock" allusion here)?

When are we as a populace going to realise that the use of secret courts, detention based on suspicion not proof, new FBI survailance powers, and that fucking US Patriot Act to "kick some towelhead ass" CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU AND I ALSO?!?!?!?

Where are all the little scandal-creators and cigar-loving interns when you *Really* need them? I mean, Enron slid off this administration like a stripper down a greased pole. Won't *somebody* find some scandal that sticks, like the Shrub sticking it to Millie the Dog while he wears his mom's pearls?

In the meantime, I beg all ten of you who read this blog to grab a Sharpie marker, write "PRETZELS FOR IMPEACHMENT" on a super-sized bag of beer-snacky goodness, and postmark it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Do it now, before sending Pretzels to Bush becomes an assassination attempt under the law.

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