11 September 2002

Still alive

Hullo. Yes, I'm still around. Just have a few things occupying my time. I'm replacing a colleague at two conferences which are at the end of this month in Greece and Belgium, and have a crapload of work to get done before then, both for my normal job and for the conferences. I also have to make a speech at one of these conferences, which is causing no small amount of stress on my part. I hate speaking in front of large groups of people. Dancing, no problem, but the minute I have to open my mouth....ack.

I have also decided that Microsoft Word 2000 in Italian is a pain in the ass, as my attempts to make a form template are causing a loss of hair because i keep ripping it out. There's a reason why I'm not a secretary, aside from my lousy typing and spelling skills. This crap bores and frustrates me. Learning Photoshop in Italian was fuckloads easier than trying to figure out how to make my nice little one page form template repeat itself onto the next page automatically. (Yea, verily, tips would elicit much gratitude and promises of sexual favours that I don't intend to keep...)

As for the situation with one of my loved ones needing help, it's getting straightened out and karmic revenge on the offending party will ensue, with some help from my end as soon as I have time to think.

So if you email me, please don't get offended if I don't answer promptly. I have until the 28th to get Job #1 stuff done, as well as preparations for the first conference. I leave for a week, come back to Rome for 2 days, then fly back out to help with preparations at the second conference.

I is a busy, busy girlie.

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