22 April 2004

File Under: Idle Musings

Wonder how many people are gonna sign up for blogger & blogspot when they find out Google's new email service Gmail has opened up their beta testing to users of blogger.com.

Hey, does this finally mean I'm one of the cool kids now? I've got Gmail and you don't. Neener neener.

Gmail. It sounds vauguely pornographic, no?

"And he just kept hitting that button, over and over, driving my Gmail crazy. He wouldn't let up and I thought I'd go mad. My knees were shaking, fingernails were digging into my palms as he continued his relentless onslaught. Over and over and over again, a haze of obscene words and promises filling any empty space. I bit my lip bloody from the sheer frustration."

"Fucking spammers."

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