29 June 2004

Role Reversal

In that drugged-out post-fuckfest haze, some time after you've caught your breath and right before you roll over and pass out, is apparently the Time to Discuss 'Us' And Related Important Issues.

Stereotypes of hetro couplings would leave one to believe that the One Wishing to Just Pass the Fuck Out would be the pecker possessor and the But What Do You Feel About Foo instigator would be the estrogenically gifted half.

Apparently not.

Discussions fishing for feelings and commitment and other touchy-feely tripe are ranked very high on my List of Discussions Not to Be Had While Naked*. Really, darling, you've just fucked me six ways till Sunday and ensured that walking will be rather uncomfortable for the next few days; I find it astounding that you still have the energy left to attempt to fuck with my mind.

From where stems this insane post-coital need to discuss and dissect a relationship RIGHT NOW?

Why oh why can't you just drop it and let me fall asleep for Christ's sake. Hell, I'll even sleep on the wet spot. Just. Let. Me. Sleep.

*Other Discussions Not to Be Had While Naked:
  • My doctor is worried about my T-Cell count
  • Your mother has the same g-string
  • My mother has the same g-string
  • My father has the same g-string...
  • ...and it looks a lot better on him
  • That home porn we filmed? My best friend loved it.
  • What do you mean "What home porn"? Did I say home porn? I meant "rome horn"...
  • anything involving German Shepards, Vaseline, midgets, latex, ferrets, silly string and a few handfuls of ball bearings

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