23 July 2004

It's not as big as a forest fire, but it's definately bigger than a candle-flame

The BG and I had looked at this apartment a few months ago. Huge dining room, smaller sitting room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath (one with a bathtub), kitchen and a bitchin' large private terrace. We had been told it was actually 6 rooms, but it turned out to be one of those weird Italian interpretations where the kitchen, sitting and dining room were counted in the total. Still, we figured that if we could divy up the dining room into two rooms (yes, it's that large) and rent two rooms out to some students, the rent might be doable. The owner hemmed and hawed on this point and we thought that he had rented it to someone else.

Apparently not. We have an appointment to go over the contract on Tuesday. Cross your fingers that all goes well.

This is all happening rather fast, but with Mr. Pervy Bear breaking the balls I can't wait to move out. It's been 6 fucking years that I have either lived in a room for staff, lived in a flat with random strangers and furniture, lived in a room with no door, lived in a flat with co-workers that I wouldn't choose to live with but had no choice, etc etc etc. Its been 6 years since I've had a place of my own. Granted, I'll be sharing the contract with BG and Curly will be living with us also in addition to whatever students we find for the other two rooms, but it's mine.

We can decorate how we like. I'll be able to cook in the kitchen without being summarily molested. We can have parties on the terrace. I can bring a shag home without it becoming gossip foder at work the next day. I can take a goddamn bath in a real bathtub with bubblebath for the first time in three years, for christsakes.

So now the major issue is getting the deposit and first month's rent together as well as moolah for silly things like a bed and a kitchen (the previous tenant might be taking the kitchen with them. yet another weird Italian thing) and furniture in general as I have Sweet. Fuck. All.

Maybe I'll just stand outside IKEA with a tin cup and a sign saying "Cheap Scandinavian Furniture Whore. Please Help."

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