21 January 2005

The Dog Ate My HomeworkBlog


Okay, I have no idea where that came from. Apparently the PMS is entering the Pirate Mood Swing. Yar. Yar, I say.

Anyways, I apologise for the sparseness and brevity entries around these here parts, but I have yet another work trip coming up on Sunday and am still trying to wade through the backlog created by the Austria trip.

Off to Dublin this time, which is a bloody nice change from the annual Damn-It-Can't-They-Choose-Another-City London jaunt which has gone tits up. This trip should be fun because:

  • I've never been to Dublin
  • I never have to pay for drinks at these shindigs; I'm (quote, unquote) from Italy, I'm better looking than 99% of the females in this field, and I don't hesitate to put on a miniskirt with a hefty display of cleavage.(Networking, I find, is like fishing; you'll land more fish if you have the right combination of bait.)
  • while shivering outside a pub with a fag in my hand, I can commiserate with the Irish over bloody stupid Draconian smoking laws
  • The overtalkative colleague who accompanied me to Austria, Sig. Fragile, will no longer be joining me (more on that in later entries)
  • Shithead is going, which means he can drool along with the other punters whilst I work the Networking Femme Fatale routine again...
  • ...and then i'll fuck his brains out after the party

Really, these last two might be more complicated than first glance would show. I have a sneaking feeling Shithead might begin to pull his Marking My Territory Act, which not only impedes on my work, but also will give fuel for the local competition's gossip mills who, knowing them, will attempt to spin a tale to My Really Cool Boss that puts me in a bad light.

(Said competition is still pissed off (at only me) for the cease & desist letter our lawyer sent when they copied parts of our website verbatim)

Anywho, updates later. Back to the slog.

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