14 November 2005

Currently Contemplating...

...that Thanksgiving in Rome this year ain't an option as everyone is paranoid about the avian flu thing. To which I say Chickenshits

...that I need to buy SO a birthday present still but am not in the mood as I have no idea what to get him and he sort of fucked me off this weekend.

See, SO & a friend of his (we'll call him Paddy the Hottie) had planned to visit another friend of theirs, Nice Austrian Boy, as a type of boys weekend party for SO's birthday. SO was then planning to go to Switzerland to visit his brother.

SO asked if I wanted to come along, to which I replied that I wasn't sure if A) I had the money & B) could get the time off. Then SO clarified - I could come to Switzerland, but not Austria.

Boys weekend - no problem. I understand I'm not invited. No big deal.

SO decided to just do Austria & put off Switzerland until January, when I would have a little more free time. But then I found Paddy the Hottie's girlfriend Ms. Piccolina was going too. And Marco Bevecomeunaspugna.

Still not invited. Still not pissed off. (Apparently Paddy couldn't bring himself to tell her it was a boys weekend. Or maybe it never was. Either way, I don't care.)

Despite saying that he wanted a quiet night before he left at the asscrack of dawn Friday morning, Thursday night saw us over at Ms. Picolina's for dinner. She was surprised to find out I wasn't coming on the trip and when she inquired why, SO replied:

"She has other plans."

Now I'm pissed.

Without specifying that it was originally a boys weekend (lest I start some majorleague ballbreaking between Ms. Piccolina & Paddy the Hottie), I flat out told her that I hadn't been invited.

After a minute of awkward silence, she asked if I would come if she invited me. Which was a nice gesture, but it was a bit late to get time off work & tickets.

And besides which the invitation should have come from SO. Duh.

Up until he lied about the reason for my absence on this trip while sitting not 10 cm away from me, I was fine with this little birthday jaunt. But he didn't even bother apologising, just tried using that circular logic that he had invited me to Switzerland & that we'll have our own holiday to Switzerland to visit his brother in January for my 30th birthday. Yeah, I said it. I'm gonna be thirty. Fuck.

Let's see...

no invitationforbidden to go
+ the fact that everyone else went
+ the flat out lying about my absence
+ no apology whatsoever about the lying

Me, really pissed off

Add to this a conversation had a week or so ago wherein I asked him when he wanted to celebrate his birthday so I could arrange to take the following day off for recovery purposes. His response?

I'm celebrating my birthday in Austria

Which may have been a joke. And I've tried to step back from the situation a bit while he's been gone ('cause let's face it, I have the temper from hell). But the fact remains that

I really don't feel like celebrating his fucking birthday.

Though this entry and a previous one would give the impression that I hate my boyfriend, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

It's just that I am covertly trying to organise opening a business of my own for after the first of the year, which is going to be a red tape nightmare from Hell. And getting up to go to work in the morning is becoming something I dread.

So the boyfriend bitching is me blowing off steam. Yes he fucks me off sometimes. But I can't and don't want to bitch about work here. Because hey, things are easy to Google. Ti amo tesoro ;)

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