17 July 2006

What I Did this Weekend

  • went to the SO's cousin's wedding on Saturday, which involved:
    • meeting a zillion different people, all while being introduced as "SO's future wife" courtesy of the cousin
    • me getting flustered at the above and mistakenly correcting said introduction with fidanzata instead of ragazza
    • an 8 course meal to die for and all the alcohol one's liver could handle
    • the SO's youngest sister trying to get the bride to chuck the bouquet at my head (no bouquet throwing was done though, as the thing, though gorgeous, weighed a ton.)
    • my hormones going into overdrive due to the SO's new suit. PHWOAR. *fans self just thinking about it*
    • *fans self some more*
    • *fans self even mo...aw, fuck it. [COMMERCIAL BREAK GOES HERE]
    • the SO totally ambushing me by slow dancing to Sinatra. And singing loudly off key while doing it. And with a total semi. In that suit. Nobody else was dancing at that point in time. My face was fire engine red and speaking of fire engines, well, one with the hose pointed at my pink bits would have been handy at that point.
  • the SO & I broke his bed yesterday afternoon. this is not related to Saturday's events. Swear to Dog.

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