06 June 2007

To Frou-Frou or Not To Frou-Frou...

...that is the question.

Diverting myself from work for a minute or 30, I've been looking at the wedding dress collections of a store on Corso Vittorio that always caught my eye even when I was thoroughly single and poo-pooed the idea of ever being officially hitched. The window display is always striking and the unique dresses would appeal to almost every girl's inner principessa.

Perusing the collections on the website, however, I find myself torn. Said inner principessa always loved the intricate costumes from the ballet days of yore, the yards of tulle and embroidery and what have you frou-frouery.

But the total slut side is saying, "There's no way in hell you'll be able to get a quick shag in the cloakroom while wearing a bell of tulle, darling."