26 June 2008

Instead of watching Germany-Turkey....

...we went to the hip hop recital of a friend's daughter.

It turned out to be the singular most "OMG I would have been lynched if I did that when I taught dance" experience. Leading up to the climax, we have:

- Starting over a hour late, and ending at almost midnight as a result.
- The teachers inserting themselves into 3 of the major parts. Pity - two of the students were better than them.
- A faux tango scene & classical ballet interlude. The former was another exercise in teacher spotlight hogging & the latter just made me want to scream because the poor girl had obviously not had proper training, risking injury since she was en pointe & probably shouldn't have been.
- The main teacher taking half an hour to bask in the spotlight at curtain call, thanking everybody, handing out flowers to the students and generally blabbing on and on and on and on...

The climax: Drumroll please...

The no older than 10 yo protagonist, who was promising, doing her solo to Kia's "My Neck, My Back".

Which if you don't know, features the lyrics "Lick my pussy & my crack".

You can argue that probably 99% of the audience (and probably the teachers) don't speak English or not well enough to be familiar with hip hop gutter slang, but...Holy Crap. I've still got the OMG face going on.