22 April 2011

Easter Quickies

Inappropriate Pigtails: Getting me mistaken for ten years younger. Also the name of my new band.

To my girl friend (who will be getting a nickname soon, I promise! :) Olive
"Cosa faresti se ti scopo così tutto la notte, fino l'alba."

Fuck, that was hot.

And yet the snarky section of my brain made me think "Probably pass out cold, considering I am currently a gigantic puddle of mindless quivering goo."

Upon the Ex-BG suddenly appearing on Facebook:

Curly: You will NEVER believe who just requested to become my fb friend...
Me: Yeah, I'm seeing everyone friend her. No friend request here yet. :D
Curly: Maybe she will contact you after?
Me: I sort of doubt it, if she hasn't already done it. Since The Leech was already FB buddies with Shithead, all bets are that she'd friend request him waaaaaay before me.

Besides, what's she gonna do? "Hi, sorry for taking your half of the deposit and letting my fucked up niece take over the contract?" As if.

Curly: Oh well, i already hit ignore...we can have a glass or 5L of wine and laugh over it when i get there.
nice boobs!!!
Me: You're totally making grabby fingers in front of your monitor, aren't you.
Curly: after cracking my knuckles first to make them more limber
Me: *snort* It's too bad you ignored the Ex-BG's friend request. You could've monitor-grabbed her Mommy Boobs.
Curly: Gross!!!!!
(This piece of backstory to be related in the near future.)

In a fit of spring cleaning, I finally unpacked my boxes of books. I discovered two copies of:
  • Dan Brown's Th DaVinci Code
  • Twilight
  • Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
  • Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
  • both the UK & US versions of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer/Philosopher's Stone
Crap guilty pleasure literature is apparently breeding in my stacks. I also have what might be politely termed as a mild addiction to Neil Gaiman.

Skyping with my Mom & I tell her about this whole dating-a-guy thing:
Mom: You've been holding out on me.
Me: Eesh, Ma. I've been seeing him for just around a month. It's a very new thing. Cut me some slack.
Mom: So what's he look like?
Me: Check my Facebook wall for XXXXXX
Mom: Oh wow. He's hot.
Me: (giggles)
Mom: Are you giggling?
Me: Er, yeah. Lately I can't seem to help it.
Mom: That's so cute. Look at you.
Mom: Can I Facebook friend him?
Me: NO!
My mother has now completed my backwards regression into an angsty teenage girl.


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