21 May 2011

A New Subject...

..for this here blog:


Without being fauxly modest about it, I am a damn good cook. There's the family recipes & comfort foods. There's the improvisation with whatever I have on hand. There's the experimentation with new recipes found on various cooking blogs.

When I cook, people start slavering for days beforehand. My Bastardised Tex-Mexican is famous (rightly so, as it's taken years of yummy experimentation to figure out how to make do without cheddar & jack cheeses...) and I get requests to make this or that for potlucks or picnics.

If I cook for just myself, I am stuck in a boring aglio olio pepperoncino rut. But holidays & dinner parties are an excuse for me to cook enough food to satisfy a small platoon or three. All I ever ask is that they bring an alcoholic libation of choice (this is very important since we're all lushes sans parallel; nothing worse than awesome food and running out of wine halfway through...) and I will happily putter away in the kitchen all day long.

As such, it is time for me to start cooking. I'm making the Bastardised Tex-Mexican, pico di gallo & guacamole for Will's combo b-day & MBA graduation party tonight plus I need to feed my sourdough starter for bread tomorrow, use up some yoghurt in a 30 minute cake as well as a shitload of strawberries I bought at the market yesterday. I'm thinking maybe strawberry lime jam....strawberry lime ginger jam...? I also really want to make these soon...

...ja, it's amazing my ass isn't as big as a double wide.

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