24 June 2011

Things to Reacclimate To

There's some stuff to which I am having to reacclimate with Ma Liason, or even in some cases, simply acclimate. In short:
  • Having sex. Quite apart from the whole "muscles I forgot existed" thing, the second time he came over I bled like the proverbial virgin, right onto the white duvet cover as we didn't make it under the covers. I didn't even notice until we got up off the bed after and he pointed it out.
    "Ti ho fatto del male?"
    "Era un po scomodo proprio al inizio ma sarebbe la colpa di ieri sera; dopo un paio di secondi era tutt'ok. Anzi, altro che semplicemente OK. Perché?"
    *He indicates the splotches of blood on my duvet cover*
    "Oh. Oh cazzo."
    < sarcasm >Yeah, not embarrassing at all.< /sarcasm >
  • Daily texts and phone calls. Just to say hi and ask me how my day is/was. Easy, laid back, no mind games.
  • Constant Chivalry. Now this is taking some getting used to. Door opening, ladies always first...dude, you would not believe what a dunce I looked like the first few times he did this. I would be blithely waiting for him to go through the door, he's looking at me all amused and then I twig to "Oh! He's holding the door for me!"
  • Public Displays of Affection. Lots of 'em. Everything from the hand at the small of my back, to automatically holding my hand, to pulling me onto his lap, to carrying me across a puddle or slinging me in a fireman's lift over his shoulder and carrying me to the shower as he's singing some Backstreet Boys song while I & my flatmates are laughing our asses off. As one of my friends said:
    "E porca miseria. Sembrava le scenate di Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo ieri sera."
  • Laughing. Everything from giggling to full-on bouts of gut busting guffaws. Which means I start snorting. So so sexy. (<- Also Sarcasm)
And now it looks like I might have to reacquaint myself with the words mia ragazza and phrases like "Notte Amore" both of which were used last night during the nightly phone call.

Logic dictates that this is a normal progression of things. I would appreciate someone explaining that to my lungs though, because since then I've also been reacquainting myself with Paperbags As Hyperventilation Cure.

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