08 June 2012

Knocked Up - Baby Registry Black Hole

I fell into it today, starting with BPA free bottles and proceeding onto being dazzled by all the different options for cloth diapers. Amazing how much time one can waste on researching a piece of cloth wrapped around the bum to catch bodily waste products...

And at this point, I am already hating the gender stereotypes inherent in baby products. I fuckin' hate pink, y'all. I have already begun to spread the word to keep the pink to a minimum (I totally forgot to include Disney shit too...whoops) but I fear that it's a futile request and I will have to grit my teeth and bear the tsunami of ruffles and pink in all shades and forms.

I also loathe all of the useless crap marketed to parents. A bottle sterilizer? A wipe warmer?! Really, people?!


I am not overly fond of shopping or registries in the first place, but the fact is that this is the first grandchild on my family's side and the first female grandchild on Mon Amour's side, and somewhere along the line I believe there will be a baby shower of some sort, so meh... necessary evil.

That said, this baby shit is way less pricey Stateside, with more choices to warm my liberal hippie heart along with its matching wallet. Then again, no national healthcare.

Consumerism is hard.

This crotchety rambling post brought to you by baby registry fatigue, pink-induced nausea, and a nice case of heartburn thanks to Peanut.

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