15 October 2012

Knocked Up: Twiddlin' My Thumbs

I'd say sittin' here and staring at my bellybutton, but I haven't been able to see my innie-turned-mini-penis for a while now. We're on our third fetal monitoring, and though it says I'm having contractions, I feel fuck all still.

I'm hoping this bodes well for labour and in the meantime, Peanut seems just comfy and content to stay where she is (usually with her feet all up in my ribcage.)

Am also assiduously playing the "Not thinking about it" game. To wit:

  • Not thinking about what labour will be like
  • Not thinking about possible labour complications
  • Not thinking about if Peanut will come out healthy and whole
  • Not thinking about what my vag will be like post-partum
  • Not thinking about potentially having a cesarean if there are complications
  • Not thinking about possibly having post-partum depression
  • Not thinking about the sleep deprivation
  • Not thinking about how my nipples will be beat up learning how to breast feed
  • Not thinking about OH SHIT I'M GONNA BE SOMEONE'S MOM
My zen mantra right now is "CROSS THE BRIDGE WHEN YOU COME TO IT."

Easier said than done sometimes...

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