09 February 2013

Baby Poo, Hippy Style - A Brief Review

So I'm finally able to use the cloth diapers now that Lil' Peanut is chunky style (5,6 kg, 62 cm at last week's pediatrician's visit)

Bum Genius Freetime All-in-ones: the awesome sauce. I have 18 of these and even with no dryer and lousy winter weather, they dry within 2 days and I only occasionally have to dip into the others or my stash of disposables. They contain the poo explosions like nobody's business. We've recently moved to using them with a doubler at night since I change Peanut at night only under duress, because otherwise she wakes up too much and wants to plaaaaaay. So far there's little to no leakage in the morning with the doubler.

The only con is that I got the ones with snaps instead of Velcro since most reviews mentioned that the Velcro eventually gives out. Peanut with her chunky little thighs consistently seems to be between two snaps, though. So I'm either worried that it's too tight and digging into the precious baby chunk, or that it's too loose and there will be leaks 'n Oxiclean soaking later.

Verdict: Woot.

My other stash is 24 flats with 4 Bummi wraps. These took me a while to figure out the best way to fold for reduced bulk. I'm not as fond of these (and definitely won't be using them outside the house) because the fabric around the leg wicks moisture onto whatever she's wearing. Plus the wraps are one use only if she has the poo explosion.

Verdict: Meh.

Lil' Monkey Butt is done chomping on my tit, so Imma wrap this up with an overall thumbs up for the Eco green option of cloth diapers.

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