27 September 2013

(Wedding) Culture Clash

Having decided to make my own dress, I'm discovering that, upon prompting for dress details, revealing my sartorial decision is garnering horrified reactions from my Italian female friends. It's apparently bad luck for the bride to be involved in the making of her dress.

I'm having to bite my tongue to stop from saying something inappropriate like "Fuck that noise"

Mon Amour is not exempt from these superstitions. When discussing who's arriving when and sleeping arrangements:

"Your mom and sister can sleep at our place."
"That's going to be a little crowded don't you think?"
"No it won't. I'll be at my parents' house for three days before the wedding."
"Um. What?"
"It's bad luck for us to see each other for three days before the wedding."
"Um. What?!"
"Are you serious?"
"Let me rephrase that. Do you seriously think that we aren't going to see each other for three days before the wedding considering there's our daughters first birthday and everything to organize in our very very DIY wedding on a shoestring in those days?"
"Fuck that noise."

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