16 December 2013

Fuck you Poste Italiane

Today I got a package from my mother with dresses for Peanut.

She sent it in June.

Obviously none of the summer jumpsuits will fit her for this summer nor do they even fit her now.

I hate the Italian postal system with a white hot seething rage. When I sent my wedding invitations, my elderly aunt's and my grandmother's invites never showed up, amongst others. I also discovered at that same time that a bunch of the baby gift thank you cards I had sent months before also never made it.

*rage face*

Gonna resend them when we go stateside in January; USPS is far more reliable.

In other news, we have recovered from the wedding madness only to plunge into moving madness. Having initially hate the area we live in, it's grown on me and we found a larger apartment on the street behind where we are currently. Unfurnished though, so I've been vintage hunting the classifieds. We start moving stuff in today, and move officially at the start of January. Then onto the aforementioned and much needed visit/honeymoon stateside.


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