23 January 2003

In response to Tom

In response to Tom

I found out the comment box only lets you put in 2500 characters, so here's your response.

I grew up Catholic. Does that answer your question? No? Alrighty then...

When my parents were together, I had no problem at all with their PDA. I distinctly remember at a very young age peeking around the corner at some serious parental tonsil hockey and thinking "Cool!" I am all for my parents having natural human urges. I am all for them having copious amounts of sex. I am all for them jacking off to porn. Go for it, says I.

I JUST DON'T WANT TO HAVE A MENTAL IMAGE OF IT. (Nor do I particullarly want details, but Mom seems to delight in grossing out her daughters...but that's another story entirely)

Do you have any idea how disturbing it is for Daddy's (Oldest) Little Girl to have a mental image of her father giving oral pleasure to some chick? Try to picture your mother blowing the milkman. Still not feeling particularly squirmy?

Ever wake up from an erotic dream and realise the person you were shagging in said dream was your parent?

If you are *still* not squirming by now, then I must congradulate you on your superior lack of complexes. Either that or else males dream of shagging their mothers more often than females dream of shagging their fathers. I must admit it's not something that's ever some up in conversasation with my close male friends, despite our common love of (almost) all things perverse & perverted. I think I'll start taking a poll...*

And before you point out that I don't seem to have as much of a hang up with Mom's sex life, I'll admit it. I have no problem insinuating to my mother that a current lover has an enormous cock or is really gifted with his tongue. Just as you fellas & your fathers have the ol' nudge-nudge-wink-wink whenever you bring a particullarly fine piece of ass to meet the family. Now tell me if you would feel the same level of comfort pulling the same crass innuendo with your mothers. Yes? Well good on ya. You're less repressed than my family**. Don't sprain your arm slapping yourself on the back.

Any other questions?

*Consider this the start of a poll. Completely anonymous, just let me know two things:
1) Your sex
2) Your sexual orientation
3) Whether or not you have ever dreamed about shagging your parents
4) If yes to above, which parent?
Leave a comment or email me. Results will be announced whenever the hell I feel like it.

**Example - On dad's side of the family it is a time honored tradition to have wrestling matches where we tickle, give wedgies, fart in each others faces... well, whatever it takes to win basically. The last time I visited Dad in the states, me, my two younger sisters and My Dad got into one of these epic battles, despite the fact that it had been ages since we'd all engaged in such tomfoolery (like, since us older two started sprouting tits). Dad gave one of my sisters a colossal wedgie and, deciding to be a smart ass, I told Dad "Ha! You can't give me a wedgie. I already have one - I'm wearing thong underwear." He thought I was bluffing.

I never knew somebody's face could remain red for more than an hour.

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