20 March 2003

The Current US Government makes me want to punch walls

So when do the interrment(sp) camps start in the interest of NATIONAL SAFETY?

Since Bush was *ahem* elected, I have joked many times with my friends here that any day now I will claim politcal assylum. I'm starting to see on some of the travelling boards I frequent Americans who are asking the same thing:

"Where can I go live, because the actions of my country ashame me."

I already live abroad. I have found a city I love and call home, looooooong before any political considerations came into play. I'm lucky. But I will admit, lately I have considered the extra step of renouncing my US citizenship.

(and the crowd goes wild, hissing & booing, with cries of "Well who needs ya anyway" etc etc etc.)

Calm down. I said "Considering." Why? Because I truely feel this adminstration is harming America and her people. For a myraid of reasons that would take longer than I care to enumerate here or now (hey a girl's got to get *some* work done, no?). And since I know in my heart of hearts that I have found where I want to live and it's not the USA, well what's the point of being a citizen of that country?

The USA was founded on basic human rights, ones that we in the Western world might take for granted. And I see these Constitutional rights being rapidly eroded in the name of "National Safety" and the "War on Terrorism" and defeat of the "Axis of Evil."

Fuck that.

I am a citizen of the United States of America. And as such I consider it my duty to decry the actions and misdeeds of the current regime in power there. Because to stay silent and accept the situation as is, is to fly in the face of all that we hold dear as Americans and as human beings.

I denounce the current administration in the US as impinging on human and Consititutional rights, both those of its citizens and those abroad. And I hope that the rest of the world holds those currently in the seat of power accountable for their actions. I hope with all of my heart that both our military men and Iraqi civilians escape harm.

I remain, forever, an American in Roma.

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