05 April 2003

Random Drubknen Ennui

Or: Gee, that ammarro I had as a digestif after dinner was stronger than I thought.

Am not going to comment on war, as a coherent argument/rant/rambling right now is not possible. Am tired as weird work hours for the past month are kicking my ass. (Read: 6pm - 7am, because the office is quieter during those hours). Long work project almost launched. Go me. Must stop this quasi-channelling of The Diary of Bridget Jones...

Never ever leave your depilation duties by the wayside for three months. I had (just about) everything below the belly button waxed yesterday and *that* was fucking painful. On the plus side, I no longer look like Sasquatch.

Anyway, must prepare to go out dancing. I need a break from this chirping glowing box. Rest assured, my faithful 10 (ten) readers, soon i will resume ranting about my government, sharing random details of life in Roma, and spouting off sexually frustrated musings on my tits/vibrator/altar boys/etc.

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