15 April 2003


Because I can. Neener Neener.

If you bore me, I will play with you for my own enjoyment. If you didn't get the hint the first few times around and you continue to drool in my near vicinity, I will pick up the puppet strings and make you dance. My pants are tight, the belly is bared, the cleavage is in full effect, and I grow bored. I smile - you twitch. I dance - you twitch. I look up at you from underneath my eyelashes - you twitch. I insult you then laugh - you twitch. I walk towards the bathrooms - twitch twitch twitch. It's a tango of body language and you don't know the rhythm. I've got 17 years of training my body to speak in millions of voices without ever saying a word. I know exactly what you want and I can make you think the carrot is in your reach, sometimes nearer, sometimes farther, but you'll always go forward. I don't even have to touch you. But this game I play grows easier as it continues and I am bored once again.

Game over. You lose.

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