02 June 2003

Hey! Who put my face on that milk carton?!

I've only half dropped off the face of the earth. Promise.

See, I was *just* about to upload The Work Website That I Have Been Working On Forever when the boss decided to change his mind about the layout and logo I had done. Which means I get to redo them. Which sucks.

It wouldn't have been that big of a deal except the layout I had been using was a bit heavy on the graphics (a concession of mine when the dreaded "Can you make it blink?" conversation came up), and the changes he wanted done would have entailed redoing a veritable fuckload of graphics.

So I'm redoing a bunch of shit. The upside is that I've managed to convince him to choose a simpler layout, so I get to eliminate a lot of blot in the site. The main problem was trying to explain to him

A) why these changes would take so long ("Um, there are 32 graphics that I need to change on this layout. There are 3 websites based on this layout. each website is in four languages and has 3 sets of graphic for various screen resolutions. Or I could just make a new layout. You do the math)
B) why I had chosen to do the layout like that in the first place ("You wanted shit to blink and use flash. Not only do I not know Flash, but I generally hate it. Not to mention it doesn't get spidered by the search engines. So I used a fuckload of rollovers instead.)

Anywho, don't hold your breath waiting for the next update. If anyone wants to write a guess entry (*looks meaningfully at RH's Henchwoman*) email me and we'll see what we can fix up.

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