16 September 2003

Miss Cleo ain't got nuthin' on me

I'm not one for premonitions, but after two years of this crap I'm starting to creep myself out.

Fact: I do not normally remember my dreams upon waking.

Fact: My ex-fianceè dumped me two years ago. For two years I have repeatedly told him to never contact me again. Thankfully, his attempts at contacting me have lessened over time. But they haven't stopped, despite being cursed with every word in the book and then some.

Fact: Without fucking fail, if I dream about this ex I remember it. And within two days of said dream, he tries to contact me.

What. The. Fuck.

Whether this is some weird trick of the Fates or some freaky-deaky sub-atomic rippling of the cosmos causing primordial synapses to fire, colour me Not Amused.

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