19 July 2004

Yet another episode of Sesso e La Città Eterna

Shithead seems to have a bit of a jealousy thing concerning Mr. Boink Buddy*. About a week & a half ago, I sleepily mentioned Mr. BB and how we would still be friends despite the whole "kissing some other chick in front of me" debacle. Shithead asked me why I didn't want to be friends with him, then, to which I replied "Because our story was much, much different."

A couple of days ago, post-coital daze, Shithead asks me what it was like sleeping with Mr. Boink Buddy.


I finally replied that it was more American (ie 'Did you come? Did you come?') and a bit more savage.

"So you like it savage?"


He was a bit silent for a while and then

Secondo me, con gli altri godi, ma con me, sbrodi.

Mmm? Se lo dice te...


Saturday night a girl friend of mine and I had a nice relaxing dinner, talking about sex the entire time and chain smoking like there was no tomorrow. In the interest of drinking cheaply and making some yobs spooge their pants just because we can, we then decided to head to the Pub Crawl that Mr. Boink Buddy runs.

We arrive at the pub and, slightly tipsy, I bounce up to Mr. Boink Buddy.

"I thought you were still mad at me," says he.

"Er, no."

"Well, you never call me."

"And you call me all the time?"

"You have a point. (Duh) Well, I just want to say I was wrong, I didn't see you there that night but I was wrong."

"..." (Whatever. I'm tired of arguing the 'I didn't see you there' point with him.)

"Can I offer you a drink?"

"Sure. A Corona"

He comes back with 6 chits for drinks. Score one for guilty consciences!

So my girl friend & I proceed with the second half of our evening's plan and start dancing. However the limes in our Coronas at the first pub were a bit off and the rum & cokes at the second pub weren't sitting very well due to craptastic alcohol. We decide to head off early-ish as we had plans to hit the beach the following morning.

Mr. Boink Buddy asks me if I can get some time off work, to which I reply "Most likely."

"Want to come to Capri with me?"

Oh dear.

*He also seems a bit jealous of my good friend Curly, as after one particularly intense session where my thighs were still quivering 10 minutes later, I jokingly asked "So who is going to carry me to the bathroom?" to which he replied "Why don't you ask Curly." Ooooookay then.

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  1. If your story was so much different, then what changed that you would be willing to get involved with him again? There was the whole thing at the conference, but that seemed just like another one of his 3x a year things.