19 August 2004

In Short: Tetchy

- I have been waking up at obscenely early hours lately. (read: before noon) Between work (insane) and the work going on at the flat (never ending. dear god make it stop.), I have been awake every bloody night for the past week and a half from 7am until at least 2am.

- I almost ended up with a carmine pink room. Apparently a batch of "red" was too difficult for the two Romanian workers to mix up. I spent Sunday and Monday on a rickety ladder repainting my room. Suffice to say I ended up with red paint in really bizarre places.

- Plaster dust sucks.

- The fridge currently holds nothing but limoncello, tequila, and Sambucca to help me forget the above three events.

- Shithead texted me today asking if I knew a Mr. Foo Bar and if Mr. Bar was the same as my ex, Mr. Boink Buddy. The pissed off response he got back outlined some key points.

1) I know several people with the same first name as Mr. BB, one of whom I don't know their last name.

1a) I might know Mr. Foo Bar
1b) Mr. Foo Bar is not the same person as Mr. Boink Buddy.

2) Stop fucking calling him my ex. "Ex" implies love where there wasn't any. He was a friend with privileges (still the former but without the latter now)

3) Christ on a popscicle stick, get over it. Mr. BB is not even in Rome any more.

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