16 October 2004

Currently Chafing Like a Sandpaper Condom:

1) Conjunctivitis
2) The slight vertigo resulting from wearing my glasses due to #1
3) The appearance and subsequent abuse of panini in North American vernicular. As in:

"I had a pesto and sprout panini today"

No, you didn't. Either you had A panino or you were a stereotypical fat-assed American and had more than one panini.

For this idiocy, I would hazard a guess we have the same corporate asstards who brought you venti, grande, latte and frappucino to thank.

(Yes, asstards. As in Tards of the Ass. Corporate asstard fucks aren't the only ones who can make up new words. Frappucino? Asstard. Venti latte? Shitpulling staplemonkey. See?)

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