15 October 2004

It's Call Reciprocity Motherfuckers

(Though knowing me I completely fucked the spelling.)

A little bird has told me that certain parties have developed the DT's due to my sparse updating lately.

What's going on:

- I have a 950 page manual in Italian to read by Sunday so I can configure work's new Windows 2003 server.

- I'm thisclose to bitchslapping the BG for various work reasons as wells as the fact that she can't be arsed to used a screwdriver (but can be arsed to kevetch)

- I haven't heard from Shithead.

- I'm on the rag.

- Next week I have an appointment to get my legs waxed, followed by a fun little Pap smear test on Thursday.

- I have just realised that I have:

a work related trip to Athens beginning of December
a trip back to Dallas mid December
a work related trip to Austria beginning of January
and a work related trip to Dublin end of January

which leaves me the rest of this month and next to:

get the new server up and running
get the new management software up and running
redesign our websites
redesign the side project website
redo our flyer


Updating sparse? You don't say.

Make y'all a deal. See that little link below that says "Comments"? Gimmee feedback. I don't even know how many faithful readers I have garnered with Google referrals like:

- is it possible to fuck your own belly button? (no)
- bruce willis' belly button (ick?)
- mother daughter perm (one handed typing eh?)
- oozing snatch (ick.)
- leaking belly button (see a doctor people)
- how to get a pretty, hair free belly button (Nair.)
- leotard padding (socks.)
- my belly button lint smells (why the fuck are you sniffing your bellybutton lint?)

So F-E-E-D-B-A-C-K y'all. Gimmee something, anything to bounce off of as my brain is doing the equivalent of the BSOD* on blog topics/entries. And no, you're not really motherfuckers.

I hope.

*Windows infamous Blue Screen of Death

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