12 October 2004

Quickie: Waiting to Exhale

After a hectic trip to Amsterdam weekend before last and organising a minor work conference here in bella Roma this weekend past, I can sort of see the light at the end of the Stress Tunnel. Or at least a brighter dimness. A light gloaming?

Who the fuck am I kidding. It's only slightly less darker than the inside of Satan's asshole*.

Work keeps piling up. I am contemplating the purchase of a computer for home for side projects, but I am really not looking forward to installing a land line for the necessary Internet connection. I have tangled with Telecom Italia before and they make ACEA look like bloody rocket scientists sent down from on High amidst singing cherubim and seraphim.

On the plus side, during the conference my boss volunteered me for a work trip to Athens, which should take place either the end of this month or the beginning of December.

Living with the BG is proving to be a bit challenging, in the sense that I see her 24-7 now. And maybe she's also currently hormonally unbalanced, but I swear to GodInexistant I'm about ready to slap her upside the head. Preferably with a loaded IKEA box. Maybe then she would understand that using a screwdriver is not that fucking difficult?

Shithead has neatly placed himself on my ShitList once again. After I had warned him last Sunday that I was busy for the rest of the week either organising for or being at the conference, he texted me Friday whinging about how stressed out he was and if I was in the neighbourhood I should stop by so he could tell me about it. When I curtly replied that he had obviously forgotten that I was Rather Fucking Busy this weekend, he decided to joke that I must be busy because I had forgotten to send him a kiss.

We are not amused.

I put off replying back, thinking maybe the hormornes were causing the lack of humour. Sunday rolled around, and well shucks, I still wasn't amused by that little I'm-Emotionally-Needy-Oops-Just-Joking-Aren't-I-Cute Gag. I sent him my first text.

So what are all these 'problems'? Another accident, the tax boogeymen, another kid, or Viagra is insufficient for all your lovers?

He gets appropriately pissed off (entirely too easy) and asks what's gotten into me.

Too bad karma is biting you on the ass again, but i didn't find your little joke about the kiss very amusing & so I made a little joke of my own. The next time you make a shitty joke about a forgotten kiss after having bitched about being really stressed out & busy, try to pull yourself out of the center of the universe and remember that you have already been advised that others are also stressed out and busy.

I am the center of the universe, dammit. Sometimes you little people just need reminding. Of course i'm joking (somewhat), but I did feel less cranky after my little SMSrant.

*(Please excuse any hyperactive mood swings in this entry. I am on the rag and the hormones are going on their monthly rickety rollercoaster ride wearing a very frayed lap belt...)

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