19 October 2004

Reaping my Just Rewards

Eyebrow Boy is turning out to be rather persistent, bugger n' blast it.

I was ruminating on "Why the fuck did I kiss him?" once again this morning and the light bulb over my head lit up (for once. Pre-coffee even.).

Essendo sempre la ragazza chi provoca ma non conclude neinte diventà ogni tanto veramente due palle

In other words: Being the resident look-but-don't-touch cocktease gets really old sometimes.

(Of course I know kissing the poor guy only teased the poor bastard further but I obviously wasn't thinking along those lines at the time)

And as Shithead called this morning before he heads out of town and will be calling when he returns to Rome next week, I get to figure out exactly how to tell him about Eyebrow Boy upon said return. Ought to be fun. Wonder if he'll get jealous of this one like he did Mr. Boink Buddy.

Bets anyone?

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