06 January 2005

La Befana e Le Petit Mort

Once again it's time for la befana to leave coal for the naughty girls and boys and goodies for the good ones.

I must have been a good girl this year 'cause my stocking got stuffed but good. And I am completely fucking freaked out about it.

Shithead stopped by my place last night as his dinner plans "had been changed." Gee. Imagine that. For my next trick, I think I'll have him jump through a few flaming hoops before balancing on his head - all blindfolded, though I guess the blindfold would be a bit redundant in a certain sense.

Fast forward to the part where I'm getting my stocking stuffed, so to speak. Now le petit mort, the French term for orgasm, i have always found to be quite apt, especially when I hear the very rare, yet very entertaining stories of "I came so hard I passed out." We've already explored my talent for creating a puddle of female jism in past blog entries, and I have, on occasion, climaxed so hard that I've pissed myself (yeah. oops. TMI). But I have never had an orgasm so strong that it knocked me out cold.

Until last night.

Imagine if you will, the two voices in my head. They tend to sound like freaked out versions of Will & Grace.

*various moaning and bed creaking sounds, the later at a rather rapid pace*
Shithead: Ti amo. Ti ho sempre amato
*Huge Blinding Orgasm where the Heavenly Choirs would sing if I believed in Heavenly Choirs*
*I regain consciousness with Shithead nervously patting my face and asking if I'm ok*
Will & Grace:WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!
Grace:And can we do it again soon?

Let's see, Shithead says the L-word (or the A-word for those of you playing along in Italian). Granted, it was mid-coitus, but the L-word freaks my shit out. A split second later I have an orgasm so strong it bloody well knocks me out. Thank god I wasn't on top at the time or injuries might have occurred.

So to sum up: Freaked out. Very, very freaked out.

And walking funny.

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