10 January 2005

Still Walking Funny...

...and I've made out like a bandit for my birthday today. I got (more) Ikea shelves for my room, Dr. Pepper(!) and a DVD player from the work buddies, superwoman adult underoos and Dr. Pepper lipsmackers from my flatmate.

Shithead? Well he too had gotten me a DVD player (Ti ho preso un piccolo penserino...!!!) but that was quickly exchanged for a 14 inch TV/VCR combo. I'll be just the slightest bit tacky here and whinge that the TV is bright yellow, making my very red room into a subtle homage to the calcio squad I detest the most, A.S. Roma aka i giallozozzi

(Who finally got their asses soundly kicked in the Lazio/Roma derby the night of the 6th. HAHA! Best.Advanced.Birthday.Present.Evar!!!!)

Still, a Tv's a tv and I've been laughing at old videotapes of Nutcrackers past. Of course the gift of BoobTubage has been accompanied by...

...wait for it...
...I bet you'll never guess...

...Copious Amounts of Nookie. Like, duh. (My 'departure date' was moved up. Imagine that.)

Said Copious Amounts of Nookie once again followed by much discussion of What One wants from the Future and Why Don't We Start a Business Together.

Sei come una cioccolata. Ti piace a mostrare dura, ma un pò di calore e sciogli.

Someone is looking to get serious. He's even started calling me amore again.

The disturbing thing is that I respond to said nickname automatically.

Not going to think about it. Work calls, in the form of a trip to Austria where I am taking an extra two days to fall on my ass repeatedly attempt snowboarding.


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