08 June 2005

File Under: Bitchery, of the Work Variety

One of the many hats I wear at my job includes what's commonly known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. It's an area of web geekery that is rife with scam artists, nefarious practices, & plagiarism or something damn near close to it.

I practice none of the above, naturellement. And still manage to beat the (very stiff) competition 95 % of the time.

I've dealt with outright plagiarism before* and gnashed my teeth over the damn near close to it variety. But we'll file this under the 'Highly Amused' category.

For ease of picking my site out of the search results line up as well as the secondary benefit of users being able to do the same, I capitalise the entire name of the place of business.

Just about everyone of our competitors has followed suit.

Imagine that.

I should change to all lower case letters just to watch the lemmings fall off the cliff.

* and won. Duh. Maybe I should just tattoo 'Don't Fuck with Me' on my forehead so certain parties get the picture

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