27 June 2005

Sesso e la Città Eternà - Making Friends with the Out-Laws

Or Reasons #324 & #325 Why the Upcoming Holidays Scare the Shit Out of Me

Out-Laws: The non-legal, non-marriage version of In-Laws. Your boy/girlfriend's family.

Reasons #324: A couple of weeks back the SO & I had stopped over at his sister's place for dinner. Or rather, his sisters' place as Rome Sister #1 has a son (who I must say has nicely outgrown that Terrible Toddler stage*) and Rome Sister #2 live with her & helps look after the kiddo.

Rome Sister #1 called me into her bedroom after dinner & started heaping old clothes on me which she could no longer fit into, all while asking my opinion on the clothes & constantly saying "If you don't want them just toss them."

Which is just code for "I double dog dare you to offend me by questioning my taste."

Problem #1: They're too big for me.
Problem #2: She gave me a metric ton of old 2 piece swimsuits. All in good condition, but somebody else's bathing suit squicks me out a bit. The fact that said somebody is my boyfriend's sister is even more squicky.
Problem #3: Thrown in with the swimmers was a red lace lingerie set.


Once again it was in good condition, but there is no fucking way in hell the SO's sister's used underwear was finding it's way into my panty drawer.

The entire time SO is watching this spectacle with an express that's half Christ can we leave yet? and I know you're biting your tongue trying not to offend my sister and it amuses me. You poor thing.

Reasons #325a: Rome Sister #1 always calls me Kelly, the name of an SO ex from over 7 years ago. Sometimes I wonder if it's on purpose. For the record, Rome Sister #2 has no problem remembering my name.

Reasons #325b: Rome Sister #1 is the sister I am travelling with on the 29th of July. Her trip back to the family homestead is a surprise & she's threatened SO with painful death should he let slip the surprise visit.

So his family thinks I'm coming on the 31st with SO, but in reality Rome Sister #1 & I will be showing up on their doorstep at 8pm the 29th of July.


Am so fucked.

*The Nephew's First Communion was back in May. As SO is shutter-happy there's a lovely pic of the the Nephew & I standing out in front of the restaurant, followed by another one which captures the Nephew totally checking out my rack.

Runs in the family I see.

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