27 June 2005

Sesso e la Città Eternà - The Wanda Complex

Or why my concentration is shot to shit this afternoon & I'm actually doing 2 updates to my blog in one day.

I've covered my predilection for foreign tongues (and you can take that phrase anyway you like) before.

The SO called me about 30 minutes ago. Curly & my co-worker the lovely English Rose where in the office with me.

"Amore look out the window."

There's SO, sitting astride his motorcycle in those jeans that I had spent all morning trying to forget. Curly smelled the blood in the water the minute the phone rang.

*high falsetto* "Ciao amore. Come home so we can have a mid-afternoon quickie"

"He's outside, dork. We're grabbing something to drink at the bar across the street. And I can't go have a quickie, I'm working."

"Uh-huh. Sure."

So we go make idle chitchat over a cold beverage while I try not to stare at his crotch & he blatantly stares at my tits, which tend to hover on the verge of Janet Jacksonism every time I wear the top I put on this morning. The topic of 'underwears' come up also, probably because a few days ago I mentioned that i want to rip his off every time he says it.

Evil bastard.

I make the huge mistake of restraining myself and return to work after we say our goodbyes (which any passersby would have noted some major tonsil hockey, a couple of hardened nipples & a massive erection. That should give the area gossips a few things to mutter over)

No good. Can't concentrate. SMSex time.

You have totally killed my concentration for the day. You'd better keep your cock in your pants & away from your hands. Or else.

Too late. Federica.*

That bitch.

While I'm writing this last SMS, I receive another.

...voleva mezza mela...

This is a little kid's ditty that Marco Bevecomeunaspugna's daughter sings. AIt's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head for hours. And SO loves to take eery opportunity to torture me with the song. When I wake up. While cooking. While I'm on the toilet. He even calls me up at work & starts singing it.

That's it. your ass is getting tied up and spanked when I get home

So what are you waiting for? Harry!

Harry. Underwears. Dammit there's another 2 hours until I get off work and, um get off.

I'm thinking extended bathroom break right about now...

*Federica is what we've nicknamed his right hand. And that's probably more information than some of you would like to know.

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