08 February 2006

The Berlusconi Drinking Game

Elections are in April. Berlusca's freshened up his Botox and thrown on a few more hair plugs. The following drinking game is brought to you by the fact that out of the seven or so channels that I get on either my or the SO's electronic nipple, Berlusconi will be on one of them every night.

And folks, if I have to hear the same damn rhetoric over and over until April, hell yes alcohol will become a necessity.

Take a drink every time you hear...
1. Mi consenta...
2. Derogatory comment about la sinistra
3. Comment about the thirty-mumble promises that his government has made good on
4. accusation crying victim that la sinistra attacks his government with insults
5. responds to accusations about changing the laws in his favour with "Well, Prodi did it too!!"
6. name drops Bush or Blair
7. parrots some Bush talking point about Iraq
8. claims that Italy is more respected & a bigger player in the International community thanks to him
9. interrupts (wimpy) questioner with cries of victimisation
10. every time he flips the 'charisma' switch to cover up the fact that he's also flipped on the 'bullshit' switch
11. blames the decline in the economy on the Euro and subsequently Prodi

I'm forgetting a lot here (probably a self-defence mechanism), but as it is I'm gonna be in an alcohol coma within the first 5 minutes of Berlusca opening his mouth...

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