25 April 2006

This Clucky Shit Would Work a Lot Better If He Had a Uterus

Grand Award Winner for the "Did You Really Say That Just Now?!" Out of Left Field comment of the year:

Amo, facciamo una famiglia?

Tone of voice: like a little boy asks their mother for a puppy
Setting: while we're playing on the PS2 a game where ramming the shit out of the other cars is the object of the game.

Ensuing Discussion: I sidestepped the question with a well placed

"Oh dear christ. Little versions of you and me?"
"If it's a boy we can name it Thomas. And then his nicknamed will be Tim."
"No honey, Tom is short for Thomas, Tim is short for Timothy. Why do you want Tim as a nickname?"
"*im, *im, and Tim"
"No fucking way."
"...yeah, you're right."

So at least we've agreed the more Rhyming Names are absolutely out of the question.

Yes, our names rhyme. Yes, it's cute enough to induce vomiting. Ironically his parents still can't remember my name at times.

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