31 May 2006

You Might Be Eligible for "Dumb Tourist of the Week" Award If...

... you can not figure out the intricacies of Rome's metro (ie underground).

Look people, I know I suffer from Tourist Fatigue and readily admit I am a misanthropic bitch 99% of the time. But if you can not determine how to use the Rome Metro, I doubt you can find your arse from your head.

It's two lines, people. Two. Linea A & Linea B, which in English means 'Line A' and 'Line B'. The clearly marked Linea A & Linea B coincide at exactly one stop - Termini.

Termini is also the main train station Scratch that - I wouldn't want to confuse you.

If you have to ask me at the turnstiles how to get to 'Spag-na' with the fucking stops being outlined clearly before you just beyond the turnstiles, don't be surprised if I rip the shitty new yellow ticket machines off it's perch and use it to brain you beat the everliving shit out of you.

One can't very well brain a creature that is missing one.

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