06 September 2006

Footie Fans I Live With

At the flat the BG & I have taken*, we have a veritable smorgasbord of nationalities and tifosi. To wit:

  • Moi Lolita - Americana who roots for the Azzurri, Juve, anti-Milan, anti-Roma. I hate Roma, but I hate Milan more.
  • The BG - East European laziale. Growing up in a formerly communist regime tends to make one's politics lean rightwards...
  • the Leech - Quebecois laziale who roots for France. As far as I'm concerned, he's only Laziale because he's dating the BG. Can't prove it though.
  • The Leech's Best Friend - Again, Quebecois. doesn't much care for footie, but wasn't happy that France lost the WC. HA HA!
  • LBF's Girlie - American, also doesn't follow much footie. Will root for USA & the Azzurri though.
  • New Aussie Guy - dunno much about his footie preferences as he's usually out shagging some chick from work
  • The Sisters - also east European, interisti

Then we have the Peeps Who Can Be Found at Chez Moi Come Gametime:

  • The SO - Half Italian, half North African, full on romanista and obviously Azzurri supporter. Hates the French
  • Mr. Almost Perfect - Italian, juventino
  • Miss Tiny - Italian, romanista
  • Marco Bevecomeunaspugna - Italian, romanista (actually 90% of SO's friends are romanisti so we'll just skip on to listing the only friend of his that's not...)
  • Luca Fumacomeunturco - Italian, juventino
So gametime is always fun, to say the least. Forza Azzurri! *Has it really been over two years? Shit, that means SO & I have been re-seeing each other for 2.5 years (though the first year was admittedly me keeping him at arm'sdick length...

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