07 September 2006

Bacco er mammone

Bacco is a big fat mama's boy. That is the only explanation I have at my disposal to explain this...this...

...this sucking.

He sucks on my cotton shirts constantly. And as 90% of my upper wardrobe is cotton t-shirts, I've got kitty saliva wet spots on my shirt in at least three places at any given time. I'm wondering if they make kitty pacifiers.

It's only me he actively seeks to suck on; the SO only gets the sucking treatment when he's wearing his bathrobe. We actually used the sucking to get him to fall asleep the other night when he was showing no sign of tiring at the "Bite Our Feet Through the Covers" game.

I try to keep him from sucking on the obvious targets - methinks SO's getting a wee bit jealous as Bacco's constantly sucking the proverbial cotton teet every night. The routine is something along the lines of


etc etc etc.

When he grows tired of the taste of cotton he wanders off and falls asleep in his own little corner. And so he mewls for three things only: food, play time, and sucking time.

There is so no doubt about Bacco's nationality.

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