01 December 2006

Not Fair

I don't usually get gadget envy, but this has me madly Googling for suppliers who ship internationally, preferably located in a country with a favourable currency-to-Euro conversion rate. (Not that I can afford it right now, but ooo a girl can dream, n'est pas?)


The Samsung Q35. Though I usually prefer AMD to Intel processors, the SO's MacBook Pro has nicely impressed me. So we have here a Core Duo processor, about a gig of RAM, a DVD Multi drive, WiFI, Bluetooth, Firewire port, 6-in-one card reader, PCI slot, and up to 120 GB hard drive.

All in a 12.1 inch notebook that weighs under 2 kilos.

And it comes in Red.

*drools more*

Of course, it's not available in Italy or the States/Canada. That would just be too easy. Finding the red one on websites that ship internationally is difficult to say the least; UK is easiest, but pounds to Euro = wallet rape. France, Germany & Spain I can't find the red one. Looking to the Aussies now...

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