29 March 2011

Adventures in Slipstreaming

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be a geek.

Being everyone's go-to gal for anything even remotely related to IT sometimes reminds me of just how fast things progress. Case in point: wiping & reinstalling a SATA hard drive on an AMD 2 motherboard.

Ubuntu 10.10? No fucking problem. Easy peasy.

Windows XP Sp3? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Loading the MB drivers asks for a god-damned floppy disk with the drivers on it. This particular machine does not have a floppy drive. I have a floppy drive in my PC, but no floppies lying around. So trying to create a slipstream disk is rapidly becoming a never ending loop of "Slipstream, Burn, Switch Cables (My Country for a KVM Switch), Try Slipstreamed Disk, BSOD or Missing UlSata.sys or no HD to be found, Switch cables back, Find other driver(s), Repeat"


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