15 July 2011

Zombie Pigeon

I walked into the bathroom a couple of hours ago and found one of my flatmates' cats with what appeared to be a freshly killed pigeon between its paws. This cat easily weighs 6 kilos, if not more. While surprisingly agile, gravity is still its arch-nemisis. My first thought was "Darwin wins again" because that must have been one stupid pigeon to fly into a bathroom and then proceed to get caught by Alpha Fat Cat.

I shooed the other (skinny, but Beta) cat out of the bathroom, closed the door so that dead pigeon carcass wouldn't be spread around the house, and called my flatmate.

After hanging up with her, I went back into the bathroom in order to pry the other cat away from the flying rat carcass. Much to my surprise, I found the pigeon perched on top on the shower stall and Alpha Fat Cat mrowing at its unobtainable prey.

So there's a fucking zombie pigeon in my bathroom, and my plans to grab a quick shower and go grocery shopping are well and truly fucked for the next couple of hours.

And let's not forget I'm allergic to the little flying rats...

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