05 December 2011


"You need to update your blog."

Ja, don't I know it. September sort of sucked, October was meh, and November saw me back Stateside for Middle Sis' storybook wedding and Thanksgiving, Ma Liason in tow.

I should probably find a new name for Ma Liason finally, seeing as he met all of my family and I've only ever brought a guy to meet the family once before. (My Inner Neurotic is currently screaming "AND LOOK HOW FUCKED UP THAT TURNED OUT, HMMMMMMM?!" Shut up, Inner Neurotic.)

Plus, to the great delight of Olive*, I have been been breaking out in massive amounts of HIVES due to the plethora of PDA-tastic Ti Amo's, utterly diabetes inducing declarations of luuuuuurv, and maybe a small feeling out of future plans together which might or might not involved him using the words ci sposiamo.

That sound you hear is the Inner Neurotic hyperventilating into a paper bag while hives explode upon my body.

Anywho, I will be picking up from where I left off, if only to introduce his batshit insane family. And then you too can all marvel with me about how a perfectly lovely, generous, caring and outrageously nice fellow managed to result from the nice yet manipulatively egocentric mess that is his immediate family.

A presto

* Who has also apparently been taking bets with another friend of ours as to whether or not I would come back married or engaged. Luckily she knows that the phrase "I hate you bitches" is my way of professing my deep and abiding platonic-overlooking-the-shores-of-lesbos love for my homegirls.

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